Nitrogen Products




Ammonia, obtained from synthesis gas, is used by the manufacturing industry; for example,
to produce nitrate fertilizers.

In addition, ammonia is used as a primary source of nitrogen in industrial fermentation processes,
as well as in flue gas desulfurization as ammonia water, and as a refrigerant (R717).


Ammoniawater – also referred to as ammonia solution (ammonium hydroxide, ammonia water)

RTC provides ammonia solution in concentrations up to 24.9% for various technical applications:

  • For cleaning and corrosive fluids
  • Fine tuning of solutions and dispersions at particular pH values
  • Flue gas desulfurization
  • For neutralization processes
  • In the food industry as nitrogen source for fermentation processes


Ammonium sulphate (technical grade)

In addition to its application as an important raw material in fertilizers, it is used in biological purification plants as a blend component of the nutrient blend for the bacterial cultures used for wastewater treatment. It is used in the chemicals industry, for example as a protein precipitation agent, a flotation agent, and for the manufacturing of fire extinguishing powder and flame retardants. In the leather industry for acid cleaning, and in the paper industry for the production of flame resistant paper.

Ammonium sulphate is used in industrial fermentation to produce nutritive solutions. It is also added to food products as a carrier substance for other additives. In the European Union, its food additive license (code E 517) is solely as a carrier substance or solution.



RT Chemtronics Düngemittel Produkte / Infobroschüre     Download, PDF

RT Chemtronics Düngemittel Produkte / Infobroschüre     Download, PDF

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